Government websites

Haunt is a great web partner for anyone who is looking for a skilled, trusted team that knows how to get things done in government.

We make it easy for New Zealand government agencies to build and maintain websites

We're on the New Zealand government Marketplace for web development. This makes working with Haunt simple and provides assurance that we've met government quality standards for web development.

As important as this, we have a clear at the right time in the project, helping our government clients to manage stakeholders and budgets.

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Common Web Platform

We're deeply familiar with the Common Web Platform and are actively supporting CWP websites across government.

One of the only New Zealand agencies with Australian government experience

Our experience building websites for Australian state and federal government agencies - working with creative partners in Australia - provides useful context and informs our New Zealand government work.

We're one of the only web agencies in New Zealand with this perspective.

Our New Zealand government clients come from across the sector

Our clients in government have included core agencies (such as Ministry of Health; Education; Primary Industries; Business, Innovation and Employment) as well as non-core agencies and organisations like NIWA, Callaghan Innovation, and others.