Lower costs of using Jamstack

We have found Jamstack websites cost less for our clients to own and operate when compared to other common web platforms.

    Lower cost of maintenance

    Jamstack sites require less maintenance than many other web platforms due, in large part, to the ower overall technical complexity of Jamstack web architecture.

    Greater content and layout flexibility

    The use of flexible page layouts that use design components allows our clients to create new pages without having to spend money on design and development.

    Longer life expectency of Jamstack sites

    A key drawback of many popular, traditional web platforms is that they age and, over time, become difficult to maintain on a stable and secure version.

    The cost of replacing websites can be significant, and this can be exacerbated by a lack of willingness to invest in a platform that is approaching "end of life". This lack of investment, in turn, can inflate the amount of work that is needed to ensure the new website has a modern design and is meeting audience needs when it is rebuilt.

    Jamstack sites are less likely to need replacing and more likely to reward continuous improvement. Even if one or other component of the Jamstack architecture needs to be replaced after a number of years, the overall impact both in terms of disruption and cost is likely to be lower than for traditional platforms.

    Wider benefits of lower web platform costs

    Reducing the overall cost of ownership of their website has allowed our clients who have moved to Jamstack to achieve more from their online presence without increasing their spend. Specific feedback from clients has been that they have really loved seeing more of their web budget go on continuous improvement rather than keeping their website live and secure.

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