Re-platforming websites into Jamstack

Rebuilding your existing website on Jamstack web architecture can be a great way to resolve technical issues on your current site and take advantage of modern web technology without investing in a complete redesign and rethink of your web presence.

Feb 28, 2024
Written by:
Tim Grubb

Key reasons clients are re-platforming their sites

There are number of reasons that organisations are choosing to re-platform their site into Jamstack.

To reduce operational and maintenance costs

Monthly hosting and maintenance costs are significantly less for Jamstack sites than most common enterprise-grade web platforms.

Address technical debt

Over time some websites become bogged down with technical and performance issues. Re-platforming

Take advantage of performance and layout benefits of Jamstack

These can vary widely depending on the website, but Jamstack offers an array of benefits over traditional web platforms.

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Costs and business case of a re-platform

In addition to the reduction in the overall ongoing cost of maintaining traditional web platforms, the following factors are also important for clients considering the cost-benefit of a re-platform.

*Dropping design from the web project *

In some cases a website's design outlasts the platform that it is built on. By avoiding a rethink and redesign of a site, it is possible to drastically reduce what is often a major part of the overall cost of website rebuild projects.

Avoiding double-spending on planned enhancements

Once a site is approaching "end of life", enhancements can become hard to justify because they will be lost when the site is replaced. This can add to the case for a re-platform, especially if you are considering significant enhnacements on your existing platform.

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