Years of experience means we are able to offer our clients strategic insights by asking the questions that drive success online.

Our strategic advice

To our team, strategy is about asking the right questions at the right time.

Haunt is often asked to provide strategic thinking to support creative and design teams to understand what is technically possible online and what is the best way to achieve a successful outcome for a web project.

We provide workshops for asking key questions that we know contribute to the success of web projects, and that can uncover assumptions or misunderstandings. Resolving these can clear the path and set web projects up for success.

When we use strategic thinking

We're always thinking about how to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. But for us, really strategic thinking happens when we make the space - with our clients - to spend some time to ask questions and explore oppportunities together.

This tends to happen in two ways. First, we'll undertake some strategic thinking at the very start of a project through our context gather workshop. This is where we ask the questions we know can impact the success of digital projects.

We also provide strategic or technical advice for clients outside of a specific web project. Examples include reviewing clients' web stack or architecture, or scoping web services or integrations that a client might want to use to support their organistion's success.

What do we know?

This is a fair question! While our strategic workshop process can be applied to just about any context, we tend to keep our strategic advice for areas where we have genuine experience and expertise. Our expertise is based on:

  • Our experience using a wide range of web technologies, allowing us to assess the suitability and merits of different technical approaches.
  • Our work with award winning creative and digital agencies in New Zealand and Australia, which has given us a deep understanding of the web production process and how different industries are using web to achieve success - and where some of the pitfalls lie
  • Our significant investment in our project scoping methodology. We've developed what we believe is an industry-leading approach to accurately scoping and managing the scope of projects that our partners can use to ensure they have an accurate understanding of a scale and scope of projects before they start writing a line of code.