Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails remains a great web technology for more complex sites and applications, or where a high degree of bespoke functionality is needed. We have a strong Rails team who are ready to build, and maintain and support your Rails website.

Our Rails services

Some of the services we perform for our Rails clients include:

  • Getting neglected test suites “green” (passing) again
  • Upgrading Rails applications, including across multiple version at once
  • Migrating legacy front end systems to modern Javascript
  • Building and maintaining modern, well documented and tested APIs
  • Migrating custom and/or legacy Rails functionality (like search) to modern third party applications
  • Updating deployment and hosting, including to the Cloud, or moving from expensive Platforms as a Service (PaaS) (e.g. Heroku) to most cost-effective infrastructure.

Some examples of our work

These are some of the Rails websites we have built or supported.

  • Ventia

    Haunt supported Ventia, one of Australasia's largest infrastructure services providers, maintaining their corporate website

  • Basketball New Zealand

    We love basketball, and were stoked to be able to develop a neat little web app to display data for all of New Zealand basketball's players and teams, going back to the 1950s.

  • Consumer New Zealand

    Haunt has been Consumer's web development agency for several years, supporting them as they transition from an organisation that was well known for its subscription-based magazine, to one that is truly a digital communications organisation finding new audiences and new ways to create impact. Haunt supports their flagship websites - as well as